I was born in England and grew up in New Zealand. In my early 20‘s I spent several years living in London then returned to NZ, completing a BA in Art History and English Literature at Auckland University before moving to Melbourne in 2000.  

My aesthetic sense and view of the world has definitely been shaped by growing up with both the English and New Zealand influences - cultural and geographical. 

I can’t pinpoint when my interest in jewellery started - I think it was always there. But I didn’t start making jewellery until shortly after I moved to Melbourne.

I’ve now been making for about 15 years and completed the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Jewellery, at NMIT in 2012 - having studied part time over 5 years. 

I’m a collector  - some might say a hoarder - I fill my life with beautiful things. 

I love colour, detail, decoration, but am equally drawn to simplicity, calm, quiet. 

I’m inspired by sculpture and sculptural forms, by architecture and architectural details, but as much as anything I’m inspired by jewellery itself, by the materials and forms.  The monumentality of simple forms - regardless of scale. 

My work is about the integration of shape, form, line, and surface, the contours, proportions and scale, about interior vs exterior spaces, the play of light on the metal and the difference simple changes to surface treatment make to the feel or look of a piece, making the same pieces appear exceedingly delicate or very solid. 

It is about simplicity and subtlety - about allowing shapes and forms to speak for themselves without needing additional decoration and detail.

I also really enjoy playing with scale  - creating the same pieces or components in different sizes and building up large complex works by combining the same relatively simple elements en masse. In these larger works the lack of colour and the surface finish make the work feel calm and simple in a way that is at odds with the complexity of the construction. 

I imagined these pieces being worn in quite subtle ways - the white to be worn on white and the black on black. 

In a nod to my lifelong love of colour and pattern I have started to introduce a little in to some pieces  - sometimes in obvious ways - sometimes more subtly within pieces - on the backs or inside shapes. 


2008 – 2012 NMIT, Melbourne  - Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology – Jewellery 

2001 – 2005 CAE - Various Short courses including Jewellery, Silversmithing and Pearl Stringing

1993 – 1996 University of Auckland, NZ - B.A. double major in Art History and English Literature 


2017 - Bro.och, Group Exhibition, Bilk Gallery, Canberra

2016 - Alternative Views - Jo Hawley and Larah Nott, Bilk Gallery, Canberra

2016 - What is it with Earrings, Group Exhibition, Bilk Gallery, Canberra

2016 - LOOT 2016, MAD about Jewelry, Museum of Arts and Design New York

2015 - Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award 2015, Castlemaine Art Gallery 

2014 - Mari Funaki Award for Contemporary Jewellery (finalist)

2013 - Melbourne Now, National Gallery of Victoria 

2013 - Graduate Metal 13, Participation and Exchange JMGA Conference 2013

2013 - Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award 2013, Post Office Gallery, Bendigo

2012 - Kaleidoscope, NMIT Advanced Diploma Graduate Exhibition


2013 - House of Jewellery Prize, Graduate Metal

2013 - e.g.etal Design and Development Award, Contemporary Australian Silver and Metalwork Award 2013 

2012 - Award for Best Design, Kaleidoscope, NMIT Advanced Diploma Graduate Exhibition